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Founder & CEO


Naples born, Milan bred (and rock and roll in spirit), I founded genevoism in 2012 after spending 15 years as head of the OOH division of Cesanamedia. I love my southern Italian roots, have two sons, two daughters-in-law and two grandchildren – but unlike my compatriots hate cooking! I love fashion and mix & match styling to create new outfits - but most of all, staying home with my cat!

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Development, Operations and Communications


Born in Milan, I’ve lived in this great city all my 31 years. I graduated in Marketing for Fashion brands at the Catholic University of Milan but am not complete fashion victim. Between managing my husband, two children and a cat, I feel I have earned a Masters in multi-tasking! However, after years of study and travel, I have now found my professional happy place, here at genevoism.



We are an unusual but perfectly matched mix of Swiss efficiency and Bohemian-style and approach. We found each other by serendipity and quickly found a way to merge our life and professional adventures.


We offer rigorous, tailored research to pinpoint the perfect OOH solution for our clients, delivering bespoke strategies and the very best uses of a variety of media.


We love our work so much that the private and professional probably merge too often but for our clients that means 24/7 availability and reactivity.

Our passion is for your creation: genevoism.

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